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Greetings I'm Jah Crystal, Your Herbal Skin Fairy Healer and maker of Healing Herbal Skincare! I've created a system called the "5 Energies of Skin©", an energy chart designed to help you understand and navigate through the changes of your skin, your beauty, your health, your life!

  • Stop Premature Aging!

  • Eradicate Skin Issues!

  • Stop Chronic Skin Ailments!

  • Liberate Trapped Emotions!

Your Divine Dermis

Elevate to a Higher State of Beauty!

Your 1st Lesson: Your dermis (skin) is comprised of millions of nerves and thousands of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) that link to your central nervous system communicating with every cell in your body. This communication extends into your ethereal state called auras by spiritualist, and plasmatic matter by scientist (minus the illusion of "race"). As a "Blessed Being" of the solar system this energy stems from the essence of your source. It is called a "Halo" or spiritual glow. My "5 Energies of Skin©" shall teach you to liberate your emotions, stop chronic skin issues, and eradicate skin issue to activate your dermal beauty powers opening your mind physically and spiritually to elevate your "Halo" and bring you to your highest state of beauty. The moment is now to begin your journey. Enroll and "heal your skin and heal your life," with me Jah Crystal.
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Your Divine Dermis

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  • Jah Crystal

    Jah Crystal

    Doctor of Herbal Beauty

    Jah Crystal is an herbal skin physician for beauty and wellness. She shares with you her knowledge of over 30 years experience on her spiritual journey! Understanding the energy of skin and how herbs beautify and heal is a learning process of the spirit and mind together. Jah Crystal imbues your learning spiritually with hands on information that include: Live sessions, videos, and literature to get you out of the stores and into your own apothecary for beauty and wellness.

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